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SCARS by Peter J Lake

"Peter J Lake’s new single ‘Scars’ is a gentle sound consisting of subtly interwoven guitar parts, soft drums and Peter’s fabulously sensual vocals.

Peter’s voice is the main instrument in ‘Scars.’ He effectively fills the emotional load of the track with his vocal techniques and the range of his voice. I really enjoyed listening to the release, Peter J Lake hits the deepest chords of the soul and heart, making them vibrate to the beat of ‘Scars.’ With crisp guitar lines and emotional vocals, Peter saturates the quiet atmosphere with slow rhythms.

The hypnotic vocals, which move between dream pop and acoustic indie, enhance the effect of immersion in a mood of melancholy. Peter manages to capture exactly the space between sadness and joy. With this song Peter creates a pleasant atmosphere, skillfully using composition and philosophical meaning. ‘Scars’ proves that songwriting is still the most important part of any song."  INDIE BOULEVARD

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